“I Am Me”

Each cherub is wired greeting dear differences. That is great. Each desires to rest in “I’m okay as I awesome seeded am.” Fears that say “I’m best rest awesome be greeted in estimators’ eyes by trying to be someone other than I,” feel testy-red nutty. Tears depthed in trying to become what we are not, feel freezed in us. Each cherub very cries to bear their treasures welcomed by their dear brothers and sisters. Wedded we are in our deep desires for peaced dessert of “I’m okay, as you are okay,” together freed to be our vastly valued selfs. Questing my eases to rest my red, by wretch I’m not, I wrote my sweet sweeping song with joyed Michelle to try to seed my greatness. Cries stun me nary as I sweet try to sing my weared words. Perhaps you, cries masked, can try tears stop by new thinkings estimating you are greeted yourself as great too.

Lyrics to “I Am Me”

Tell the truth
I am just different than you!
You expect me to be great
You open your mind.
You are you and I am me!
You are not better than me.
Yes, I am me!

I am me. I am me.
Tell the world I am great, just great!
I am me. I am me.
Tell the world I am great!

Tell my
Open thoughts to just fly.
I am polite no more.
I am my different self
I am great!
Trying to be me is hard.
You are great because you just are you.
You tell me to control my just crazy body.


I am great just because I am me.
You and me have just
different happy to be true
to just true be.


Lyrics by Peyton Goddard
Music by Peyton Goddard and Michelle Hardy

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