Peyton Speaks About Facilitated Communication

The following video excerpt is of Peyton typing and talking with Darlene Hanson of WAPADH about Facilitated Communication, taken in October 2012.

This is what Peyton types, shown in the video: “I think lots of people make more growth when you work on fading (physical support).”

This video exceprt, taken in 2001, was in preparation for the presentation “From No One to Someone: The Why and How of Facilitated Communication”. This presentation was given at CSUSM’s 3rd Annual San Diego Summer Leadership Institute entitled “Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education”.

This is a part of what Peyton typed (underlined shown in the video):  “…My radical plight is people opposing F.C. Ploy of their egos. Ploy cost I much opportunity…”