Articles About Peyton

In the increasing media awareness that persons with the label of autism have received, Peyton has had several articles written about her. These articles provide a unique interpersonal perspective on her life, and show her active in the community. She hopes that you will enjoy these as you learn more about her.

“Unlocking Peyton’s Promise.”

By Joe Cantlupe. Printed in San Diego Union Tribune (August 26, 1997)

Joe Cantlupe chronicles Peytons journey from her early youth to facilitated communication.
“Feeling, Dealing, Healing.”

By Carol Cujec. Printed in USD Magazine (Summer 2007)

Carol Cujec writes this article on Peyton, her story, and her relationship with Anne Donnellan and the USD Autism Institute.
“An Invaluable Lesson.”

By Pat & Dianne Goddard. Printed in Tash (2008)

“Autistic Point Loma woman finds her ‘voice’ in revealing new book.”

By Marsha Kay Seff. Printed in The Peninsula Beacon (October 18, 2012)

“What Autism Is Like, From Two Authoritative Voices.”

By John Wilkens. Printed in Union Tribune (March 31, 2013)