Peyton’s Valedictorian Speech

Though elusive, the journey to peace potently pondered by each person and people is possibility and great desire. Let us point to the heart pursuing peak peace in path each and together.

A pure helium heart is the product of childhood wonder, perspectives on our each priority euphoric or tragic life experiences, and ultimately, freedom of our personal roping peace. The quest for peace challenged by injustices can seize ones life. If we plot top journey we’re lured on by poppy of treason, the gyre of tugs irate plotting brilliant revenge overturn. In the pyre-pulsing epic of things not tradition challenge, we remain in the maelstrom. Neither pennies nor poppies can hurts erase. We pour our life out. We go to words poison or bombs nuclear. If we as a person and a people plot fry not ourselves or our planet, then perhaps we sure it, you and I, through reconciliation trying understanding, through respectful support, and through compassion and arrogant-not love of people all, everywhere.

We plough our passage to peace through making peace with our seeking soul yelping his or her justified pain and through making peace with our far and near not-understood neighbor. I and you potently dupe our power if we pulsingly pursue power of revenge as the ultimate pass to peace. The world is worrisome, appealing not. Plotting seeds of peachy repertoire of peeling the people’s hurts, I think is the answer to yells that water pyre of grease. Peace plotted by daggers of war projects holy peace never. Ploughing retaliation affects top living and can reap harvest full of folly. Prioritizing the urging of reconciling prime hurts could mean I. D.-ing fewer Joes to die. The years we get we utterly jeopardy journey, and thoughts that we foil the enemy with tepid attacks that dare yell he louder, keep him hungry for revenge. Towards peace of eating all at the same table the world must move. Plead the children of 9-11, “In search of the holy grail of lasting peace, let up never America!”

Are we truly a people in search of paths to peace that traverse trails of hope for purity of understanding and inclusion for all? Are we truly a people potently pleaing love and support for people all, everywhere? I long wondered. In the two decades of my journey to enter free life, as a person repressed of the pleasure of communication and bitten by the beast of separation, resolved I became to never being included in the real world. My yells for a just peace wallowed. Segregation denied me reaping a potent education. Accommodations and true support were absent. Segregation denied me desired friendships. Each day I typically wished a death to the relegated existence in which a culture fearing differences re-proposed day by verified day to tepidly control me. Joy was a word lost. Hope I filed as a barren cause. Wisps of doubt things would ever change were quoted in my teasing life. However, let your ear feel full; gut truth lurks down the darkest quiet path.

Opportunities greased in the tip of the Creator’s ultimate plan began to holy knock. After years of silent pleas, hope arrived in the form of Augmentative Alternative Communication; my motor disorder was accommodated and I finally gained a dependable way to communicate. I weathered the storm in pursuit of an education when I Cuyamaca itinerary journeyed. I would here witness well, polluted-never, inclusion and purity prioritizing educators. Pooling resources, Dr. Yvonette Powell and Disabled Students Programs and Services provided the sure support I pulsingly reined my youth without. The return on purified poignant support offered to people promises exponential possibilities. Options oil utter lifetimes. Dr. of Hope, I thank you.

The isolation of people different renders you and I strangers. To my classmates, understandably challenged by my attempts to torch friendships for which I hungered, who chose not to prudently plot escape but instead reached deep in their souls and longed also to eat at the same table, I exclaim “Thank you.” For me, finally friendships flowered and flourished.

I found support in proof ordinary-never professors. They each peered at me with pure helium hearts. They each trod where most journeying educators moll impossible passage. They each opted to reason with my eerie appearances not as pretenses for re-returning me easily to segregation. They each opened their ready measurements wearing possibility not limits. They each plotted to wire action plough true, folly-proof, appropriate, treason-never accommodations. Increasingly peaceful I became in the perusal of all learning treats, reaping years of finally actioning real rational, typical thoughts. Ultimately I plight epoch Pyrenees clip-climb. Utter I “hurrah.”

The early jolts and tragedies of our lives we hopefully persevere. Through love and understanding people advance forward, opposition not, toward personal realizations of peace in the human experience. Plot we each are part of the human equation. The top representation of the equation is ONE-ness.

You and I have the power to architects of peace be. I raise my goal to rewind time to possibilities poured in opening our pure helium hearts, cold never, in order to reap peace. Years I thought I would forever eat separate rather than be supported at the table. Toppling for me of this paradigm is culminated here today. I thought this epic impossible. You, Cuyamaca, proved it possible.

Yell it from the mountaintop that when all people are valued and supported surely, the world can change. Recognize the prime enemy of persons verifiably requiring support, the prime enemy of all persons, is fear of support that lacks purity. Tip of the iceberg is utter peace accorded in trust. Cuyamaca, you NEVER broke the trust. I yell “Thank You!”