Five Questions

From a TASH presentation in Phoenix, AZ in 2002. These are Peyton’s typed answers to five questions she gets asked frequently about her college experience.

#1: What does going to college mean to you?

My never before answered insatiable thirst for knowledge was there finally quenched. I ask you to feed your people too. The sooner a student’s quest for knowledge is fed, the fewer transition concerns we will have to post secondary education.

#2: What was your greatest achievement in college?

I repeat, Neptune thirst joined by journey prudent freed to learn.

#2b: What was your most difficult struggle?

Gearing to grease verses of doubt that I was competent.

#3: What did your professors do to help you succeed?

They looked at me with possibilities and not limitations. They were always greasing bells to assure my full participation with no academic compromise.

#4: What skill of your own did you use to be successful?

Each data day I determined to journey in feat fearless. Quest I was on answer to many heroes verified journey, and easily I went to give others like meal.

#5: How could High School prepare you better for college?

I had no High School education. A student’s thirst for learning is never beginning or ending. I will not daze on thugs that meal deny opportunity learn people all. Every child’s day should be spent quenching his thirst for real learning.