Helium Heart Movie

Helium Hearts is a DVD documentary produced by Peyton and her father Pat that celebrates the pinnacle of Peyton’s inclusive educational experience: her valedictorian speech given at Cuyamaca Community College in 2002. In her address to her fellow students, staff, and faculty, Peyton imparts her passionate beliefs in inclusive education and the journey toward personal and global peace. In addition to her valedictorian speech, the video includes local news coverage surrounding her graduation and interviews from professors, students, family, and friends (including Dr. Robert Friedman and Rita and Sue Rubin). Dr. Anne Donnellan, director of the University of San Diego Autism Institute, calls Helium Hearts a “MUST SEE if you wish to understand and support inclusion and peace for all people.” This video is included in the curriculum for education classes at numerous universities in the U.S., including Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and the University of New Hampshire.