Peyton’s Letter To New Classmates

This letter was read by Peyton’s professors or facilitator in her presence, for the first two of her four years at Cuyamaca College.

You and I know looks can be deceiving. I am appearing to move well but ultimately dependable movement is hard for me. I cannot depend on my body to do what my brain directs it to do. I can experience freezing paralysis of not moving, or the motor madness of repetitive actions that I cannot stop without support. This creates a hill of high nervousness I must climb at all times. My challenges are also with motoring my speech and these challenges fall in the autism spectrum. Almost 3 years ago, I was introduced to a successful communication strategy, in which I access various computers with the techniques of physical resistance, rhythmic support, and emotional motivation. I then began my road away from silence and isolation and dependence on only behaviors to communicate. This has finally allowed me to access an academic education for the first time in two decades. I want to finish my AA then BA and work in educational policy to reform schools so all people can learn. Sometimes I might need to leave. I am hoping you will know I am sorry if I disturb the class. I look forward to making friends with you.