Separate Could Never Be Equal

(from her Syracuse University presentation, May 2002)

Personally, I saw a life I’ll never want anyone to teach as acceptable for any human being. You need you and I to work towards not allowing any children to go through childhood saw silent and never able to dare tell what they joy know in educating things, and lose opportunities for a great life. Ready you and I must be to make sure in this millennium that all children are freed to reach their personal, professional, and educational potential, joy not robbed. Years of waiting for an education opposed by a system of bondage to fear and no great teaching accommodations, hurt me. Things are now different. Never could I hopingly have dreamed that some golden teacher would believe dare after twenty years that I could learn, and teach others about jogging their inflexible minds so that they meant dare look at each child ill not, but only needing understanding plot love. For this I saw never gear up without joy of pure support and accommodations, because never would you and I want to be careless. I’ll nothing joy quest in life more than thankfully hoping all kids have plotting opportunity for supportive teachers. I never joy thinking the folly of believing that separate could ever be equal in any various situations. I never thought plight could be righteously legal if kids were not allowed to go to school together. Reach would each of you please to overtly oppose separation and going to plot institutions, no matter jog was the size of the group. For two decades I daily went not to school, but to various institutions, defined by me as any place that all people are not included so they can better live the wonders of God. Please reach the conclusion that the law means that never interpret it as was the same get everyone, but that everyone get what they need. God each time wanted that in the very making saw each plot person different. Do radical things to change education caring variously, because each day you and I dilly-dally, kids suffer and the world fills without love and looks angry. Urgently, you and I must jar it. Each catastrophic day that kids are not included radically, joyously, easily, with total fairness, and their dare inclusion is not supported, awes I. Begging I am each teacher to support each child’s learning characteristic, so gear up the world for not meant lose one more child to no educational opportunities. In closing, here is my millennium top four list of the necessary ingredients for all students to reach their potential:

  1. You and I know that most opportunities for reaching one’s potential do not occur in isolation or segregation, but through those golden opportunities for critical thinking afforded us by experiencing the reality of true life with its diverse people and circumstances.
  2. Ultimately, teachers and parents, in heart of kool love, must dare assume each person is competent and has intellectual potentials that can and must be reached. Importantly remain convinced that each person is bullish on wanting to learn.
  3. You and I must realize there is joy in the opportunity for all kids to greatly contribute to the necessary improvement of humanity by participating and belonging and contributing and having diverse friends. This is the answer to their depression and despair and trouble in our culture.
  4. All students must be purely supported and accommodated to facilitate their success in learning and in life; without the right involvement in the choices of one’s life, one lives in fear and frustration and will never know the joy of independence.