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A short walk that crossed worlds – L.A. Affairs


One is usually able to classify in stages the joy of falling in love. The first stage is called “hoping.” Each time a person is involved in the hoping stage, he or she usually dares to notice the object of his or her noticed affection. The daring to allow oneself to hope that the desired someone will return the hoped-for glance is very dangerous to each individual ego and causes anxiety during this initial phase.

Consequently, before joy can actually occur, one must move to the next stage, titled “hoping for more.” In fact, very often just allowing oneself to experience this emotion is the greatest adjustment for the individual. Joy includes elation, excitement, and agitation, all at the same time. Getting through this stage is a seemingly endless, monumental feat that brings with its achievement the realization that one can never turn back when he or she enters the third and final stage.

It is in this “point of no return” phase when one commits oneself to the vulnerability of suffering each gut-wrenching emotion and  possible great horror of every verifiably painful behavior believable to man and woman in the universe. All should be cautioned that the danger in this phase is behaving in asinine ways that embarrass and may jilt each great hope one has for a naturally pleasurable resolution to the crisis going on in each heart and reasoning brain, if rational thought is still able to be achieved.

Sadly, the outcome is usually predictably negative because the proven statistical odds of one’s daring hope reaching fruition are nil to minute. But if each of the two people feels the same joy about the other, then hope is borne. And if this can happen, the freedom of love is realized and achieved.

– by Peyton Goddard, from i am intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through Autism, skirt! 2012

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