Book Signing and Fundraiser

My memoir, i am intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey through Autism, is available now in local bookstores and online. I wrote my bloody-beared truths, though sad they were, so all would be called to change this worrisome world. Joy is that we can make living better for all by seeing we are one in human union as the path to heart-healing peace. The fresh freedom of feeling “I’m treasured just as I am” is my desire for all persons!

Excited by your interest in reading my story, and pining to meet you, I invite you to join us at fest-freed Fiddler’s to feed eases pointed to treasuring all persons.

Thank you, Autism Society San Diego for 45 years of believing that with pure support and proper opportunities cherubs wired differently can feel their each great worth and succeed in making their valuable contributions to society. Thank you for your growing focus on supporting teens and adults in poppy poignant programs like Adaptive Swim Lessons and Surf Camp , along with your support group for Family and Friends of Adults on the spectrum.

The writing team will all be there to welcome you! Hoping to see you at Fiddler’s Green!

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